Online Class

To keep your level

Between 2 and 5 classes a week
$ 4,99
  • General English
  • Travel English

Upgrade and Level Up

Between 2 and 5 classes a week
$ 8,99
  • General English
  • Travel English
  • Business English
  • Exam Preparations

At the time that best suits you

You can adjust the classes to your work or study schedules and our teachers will adjust with you.

1:1 Class

The classes will be adapted to your needs.

From anywhere in the world

You can receive classes wherever you are, without leaving your place of comfort.

A new method of training in English based on videoconference classes with a private teacher, and self-learning through the most prestigious international platform and content.

We adapt to you.

The evolution of language training requires a change in the current situation before the model of traditional academies, more oriented to flexibility, personalization and online access facilities.

At SLAcademy, we preserve the best of a traditional academy, but providing the advantages of online training, technology and making it tailor-made for you.

Estudiar inglés en filipinas
Informative note:
  • A student must book at least two weekly classes.
  • Postponement is allowed twice a month for students who enroll for at least 20 classes (Postponement means we don’t count the class, as long as they notify at least 24 hours in advance).
  • Cancellation and absence are counted as a completed class, without make-up. Cancellation means that the notice is less than 24 hours, absence is when there is no notice.
  • If the error is on our part, we give them 1 free class.
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