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Study English in the Philippines

Siquijor Language Academy stands out as the premier destination for ESL education on Siquijor Island. As the only academy solely dedicated to teaching English as a Second Language, our mission is to provide students with the language skills necessary to meet the growing demand for English proficiency. We pride ourselves on being a quality-oriented academy, committed to delivering unparalleled language training in a breathtaking island paradise.

At SLAcademy, we understand that education can be combined with leisure. That is why we offer students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the island’s beauty while learning English. Our goal is to provide students with a unique and extraordinary holiday experience that won’t break the bank.
We believe in a personalized approach to language instruction. To that end, our classes are limited to small groups of four students or less, with a strong emphasis on one-on-one instruction. Our experienced instructors work closely with each student to tailor the curriculum to their specific needs, ensuring that they receive the highest quality language education possible.
SLAcademy offers a variety of class packages and programs designed to meet the needs of students at all levels of English proficiency. From beginner to advanced, we have the resources and expertise to help our students succeed. Whether you are looking to improve your English for personal or professional reasons, we have a program that will work for you.
Join us at Siquijor Language Academy and take your first step towards mastering the English language. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful island paradise and helping you achieve your language goals.

How we differ.


All facilities are designed to help students achieve their goals.


All of our teachers are certified to the highest level of qualifying standards.


Our commitment is that 100% of customers are fully satisfied and meet their objectives.

Why in Siquijor island?

This beautiful island is ideal for combining vacation and studying English at the same time. It’s allure manifests
into reality the dreams of many to escape in a tropical paradise with warm seas, hot sun, white sand, tall palms, and a coral reef teeming with fish and other marine life. This is Siquijor, an enchanted island.

Tourism is starting to become an important industry in this pristine island. And this is perhaps one of the few reaming places in the country where forests remain untouched and coral reefs undisturbed.
It has 102 kilometers of pristine, coconut-lined white-sandy beaches that are mostly undeveloped. Waterfalls, unexplored caves, historical churches, and old houses are also worth visiting.

When the Spaniards discovered the island, they called it Island of Fire, which means island of fire. This that they saw a large fire suggests they sailed past. It is believed that what they saw were countless glow-
worms or fireflies which today, can still be found in abundance.

You can sense that there is something mysterious about Siquijor island when you tell Filipinos of your intention to come, it’s quite typical to be warned of witches, sorcerers, magicians, and healers. Jaime T. Licauco, a well-known Filipino writer suggests that in the past, the isolation and remoteness of the island drove the island residents to
develop their clairvoyant and indigenous healing powers, discovering medicinal plants to survive. Yet, beyond this reputation, a visit to the island would give anyone experience of peacefulness, serenity, and mystical experience. It is a paradise where time stands still.

At SLAcademy, you can learn English and enjoy paradise at the same time.



I would like to invite you to join Siquijor Language Academy’s programs. 

We offer a variety of programs designed to help learners with their goals, either to start a career, travel, pass exams, or just enable you to explore new possibilities and opportunities that may be available to you with your fluency of the language. We are proud to be helping our learners become future great communicators, dynamic leaders, and become skillful individuals who are always ready for the future.

Our programs are tailored for every student’s individual needs.

We have incredible and dedicated instructors who are TESOL certified. They are trained to provide the students attention and support they need to notch up their performance. 

In addition, we have comfortable and spacious rooms to create active learning environment and interaction with other students. All are located in the enchanting Siquijor island in the central Philippines. An escape to this tropical paradise with warm seas, hot sun, white sand, and coral reef teeming with fish and other marine lives would be an ideal place for combining learning and vacation.

We are all here to help you achieve your goals. That’s SLAcademy’s promise.

Come join us!


Do you want to study English in the Philippines?

Don’t think twice, check out our courses.

If you want more information about the island of Siquijor, here is a good website where you can see the different wonders you can enjoy. In addition to exploring different beaches, waterfalls, infinite caves, or getting lost in the forests of Siquijor.

You also have the option to go diving and enjoy the coral reefs surrounding the entire island.

Come study and enjoy paradise.

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