Our Team

Our Top-Notch Teachers

If you want to study English in the Philippines, our full-time teachers are here to help. They come from the country’s best universities and have been carefully selected for their ability to teach English in a culturally diverse workplace.

All of our teachers have undergone a rigorous selection process to become part of the SLAcademy team. They are also required to maintain a high level of knowledge through periodic evaluations, ensuring that we have the best team possible.

Professional and Ethic

The training of our teachers is a TESOL CERTIFICATION PROGRAM accredited by the International TESOL Accreditation Authority (ITAA).

This TESOL certification is recognized worldwide and ensures professional and ethical standards for students, as well as professional advancement opportunities for our teachers.

In addition, at SLAcademy, we are accredited to certify our students with the best possible certification.

Always up-to-date

Along with their primary training, our teachers receive additional modules designed for specialized programs (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS) and specific aspects of the profession (leadership training, behavior management, cultural differences, etc.). This comprehensive training approach ensures that our teachers are equipped with the necessary skills to provide the highest quality English education.

Do you want to study English in the Philippines?

Don’t think twice, check out our courses.

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