Online class

Study English in real-time and completely personalized for you, with our experienced teachers. Whatever your level is, we can help you improve.

We will adjust a suitable schedule for our students and conduct classes using the latest technologies such as Zoom. You will have access to all necessary documentation and receive personalized attention.

You will have the option to choose the duration of the class that best suits you and adapt it to your schedule.

Face to face class

Study English in the Philippines with personalized lessons tailored to your needs, taught by experienced teachers who can help you improve no matter your level.

Our academy is fully equipped to offer the best service to each student at every level. You will have group classes with a maximum of 5 students and individual classes.

Our student package offers a comprehensive service that includes accommodation, meals, and adapted classes.

On weekends, we organize guided trips to dive among the most beautiful coral reefs of the island, or you can explore the island’s waterfalls and caves at your own pace. There’s so much waiting for you to discover!


Do you want to study English in the Philippines?

Don’t think twice, check out our courses.

If you want more information about the island of Siquijor, here is a good website where you can see the different wonders you can enjoy. In addition to exploring different beaches, waterfalls, infinite caves, or getting lost in the forests of Siquijor.

You also have the option to go diving and enjoy the coral reefs surrounding the entire island.

Come study and enjoy paradise.

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