Registration Fee

A $100 Registration Fee must be paid upon confirmation of enrollment to secure a slot for the student for the classes and for the accommodation. Registration fee is non-refundable.

Tuition Fee

The enrollee is required to pay 50% of the tuition fee at least 2 months before arrival schedule. The remaining 50% is to be paid 10 days before arrival. If the student opts to pay upon arrival, an additional 5% of the balance is added to the remaining balance.

A 5% discount is given to enrollees who pays in full 3 months or earlier before arrival date.


A 100% refund is given for cancellations done 60 days before arrival schedule. An 80% refund is given for cancellations done 30 days before arrival schedule. A 50% refund is given for cancellation done 10 days before arrival.

No refund is given for cancellations done 9 days or less from the day of scheduled arrival. However, enrollees are encouraged to reschedule their booking within one year with only 20% additional pay of the total tuition fee upon arrival.


Any postponement of booking schedule is allowed for requests done. The details are as follows:

*Request done 60 days or more prior to scheduled arrival = 5% surcharge fees upon arrival

*Request done 30 days to 59 days = 10% surcharge fees upon arrival

*Request done from the schedule of arrival to 29 days = 20% surcharge fees upon arrival.

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